Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support to fulfil their potential.


Painting gives a child the ability to share their equipment, to clean up their mess, and more.


Toys are for fun, but they also can play a positive role in a child's education.


Reading is a habit that can be easily inculcated in children very early on.

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Nursery Terms and Conditions

Thank you for choosing Deacons Academy Montessori Nursery Ltd to help with your childcare. To accept your place, please read the terms and conditions below and then sign and return to the nursery.

1. Registration

A non returnable fee of 50 GHC is paid by the parent / guardian for an application form and your child will be added to our waiting list for the date agreed.

2. Acceptance of a place

All parent/guardians are expected to make full payment of fees on admission. Subsequent quarterly fees should be paid in full or part payment of re-opening day and the balance by the end of the first month after re-opening. Fees are subject to revision once per year in September.

3. Payment of nursery fees – Crèche

(i) Payment of nursery fees ... Admission form GHC 50, Admission Fees GHC 300, Tuition and Nursing GHC 360 to the nursery for the child’s attendance at the nursery shall be made by the parent / guardian monthly, in advance, on the 3rd day of each month (the due date). Cash should be made payable at the bank and receipt  shown to the Manager, Deacons Academy Montessori Nursery Ltd. Please ask for Bank Account Details at the office.

Parents may be asked to withdraw a child if fees are not paid by the end of the first month. This is at the discretion of the manager

(ii) The nursery reserves the right to review and increase the said fees on an annual basis and give one calendar month’s written notice of the proposed increase to the parent/guardian.

Calculation of fees – Nursery

Admission form GHC 50, Admission Fees GHC 300, Tuition and Care GHC 360 this includes lunch.

4. Cancellation / Termination /VARIATION OF CONTRACT

(i) After an offer has been made by the nursery but before acceptance by the parent / guardian either party may cancel the offer by serving 7 days written notice.

(ii) After acceptance of the offer and payment of by the parent /guardian either party may terminate this agreement by the service of one calendar month’s notice in writing. During that said one Month period the nursery undertakes to continue to admit the child and the parent /guardian undertakes to pay all fees due. In the event of the parent /guardian failing to pay the month’s fees the child’s place shall be immediately withdrawn and the nursery shall be entitled to serve a formal demand for payment of such monies.

(iii) In the event of the parent/ guardian giving notice of withdrawal of the child and immediately withdrawing the said child there shall be due to the nursery one calendar month’s fees in lieu of notice. Failure by the parent /guardian to provide one calendar month’s notice or any other notice at all shall render the parent / guardian liable to the nursery for one month’s fees.

(iv) Notice must be in writing and posted to the nursery manager

(v) If in the reasonable opinion of the nursery manager or person of similar standing or authority it is considered that the continued presence of the child referred to herein is detrimental to the health, safety or well being of the child or other children of the said nursery or the teachers or other staff so employed then the nursery may serve notice to the parent/ guardians or a request for the child to be immediately removed from the nursery and the provision of one month’s notice as referred to in sub-Clause

(ii) hereinbefore stated shall not apply.

5. Collection

Your child must be collected by a named adult and should not leave the Nursery without informing a member of staff and signing the register. Parents must inform the Nursery Manager in writing of any changes regarding collection. Should an emergency arise, the parent must contact the Nursery Manager prior to collection. Failure to do so will unfortunately result in your child being kept at nursery until confirmation is received.

6. Uniform

We require all children to come to school in the school uniform. A uniform list will be in your welcome pack. Parents should provide soft-soled indoor shoes and appropriate outdoor wellies. Disposable nappies packs, wipes and a change of clothing should be provided. Please mark school bag clearly with your child’s name and place child’s clothes in it. Along with any other items required.

7. Behavior

The school reserves the right to ask the Parent to remove child/children without notice whether in writing or otherwise should the behavior of such child/children be deemed by the Nursery School to be unacceptable. For further information about this please see our behavior policy

8. Absences:

If your child is going to be absent from school for any reason, please notify the Manager by telephone.

9. Health/ILLNESS:

Parents are requested not to send a sick child to school, and to inform the Nursery Manager as soon as possible, especially if your child's illness is contagious. Children with contagious diseases MUST NOT be brought to school until it has been cleared by your doctor to do so. Should a child become ill whilst at school, parents will be notified immediately and will be expected to collect their child at the earliest opportunity. In the very unlikely event of an emergency, the manager reserves the right to take your child to hospital, with every effort being made to contact the parents.

Please ensure these numbers are kept up-to-date. Parents should refer to the Nursery Infectious Disease Control Policy guide for the appropriate duration a child should not attend Nursery for all illness and diseases.


If a child requires medication at school, the parent must request this at the office giving full instructions which must include:

i. Under what circumstances medicine is to be given.

ii. Dosage/how much to give.

iii. What time medication is to be given?

iv. How often dose is to be given or can be repeated. The details of medication administered will be recorded in medicine log book and must be read and signed when the child is collected.

PARENTS EVENINGS: Parents are expected to attend all pre-arranged parents' evenings with sufficient notice given.

NOTICE BOARD: Urgent information will be placed on the notice board. Please try to check it on a regular basis.

COMPLAINTS: If you have any cause for complaint, please speak in the first instance to the Nursery Manager. If you wish to take the complaint further, please ask for our complaints procedure.

Please note that we reserve the right to amend our terms and conditions as necessary.


I confirm that I have read and agree with Deacons Academy Montessori Nursery Policies. These terms and conditions relate to the child referred to overleaf who is to apply to/ join the nursery on the following terms as listed. These terms and conditions relate to the contract between the nursery and the parent/guardian.In the event any of this information changing, please notify us immediately.

Thank you.

Data Protection

In compliance with current UK Data protection legislation, any information you provide here will be kept secure and treated confidentially. The data collected will only be used by Deacons Academy Montessori Nursery and will not be disclosed to external sources without your prior consent form.


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