Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support to fulfil their potential.


Painting gives a child the ability to share their equipment, to clean up their mess, and more.


Toys are for fun, but they also can play a positive role in a child's education.


Reading is a habit that can be easily inculcated in children very early on.

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Our Nursery follows the Deacons Academy principles and philosophy which is about the development of the individual child at his/her own pace thus accomplishing self confidence and a desire to learn more.


We hope to promote the child's ability to:

  • Seek out and respond to learning opportunities at their own pace.
  • Develop independence by allowing the child to self select and plan his/ her own activity thereby taking control of their own learning.
  • think, reflect and share ideas with others
  • Acquire knowledge, skills and understanding for use at home and later at school.
  • Express themselves through art, craft, music, drama and movement.
  • Develop self esteem and tolerance of others.
  • Have fun and enjoy his/her self.

To do this we:

  • Provide quality of care with a focus on well being.
  • A quality environment through continuous and well resourced provision that gives numerous opportunities to learn through play.
  • Quality experiences through stimuli and well structured activities.
  • The Nursery promotes Equal Opportunities for All.

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