Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support to fulfil their potential.


Painting gives a child the ability to share their equipment, to clean up their mess, and more.


Toys are for fun, but they also can play a positive role in a child's education.


Reading is a habit that can be easily inculcated in children very early on.

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About Deacons Academy Ghana

Our Nursery is open to all members of the community. We aim to provide a fair system which allows all children an equal opportunity of entrance to the Nursery. Children are free to enter Nursery at any age from zero months.

Deacons Academy Montessori Nursery provides a nurturing and stimulating environment to progress each child's individual development, taking them from infancy right through to preparing them for their first days at school.

The Nursery is located in the Dome Pillar 2 area, Accra and has it's own private garden for outdoor play, with a number of beautiful parks and woods close by. It offers morning, afternoon and full day sessions, Monday to Friday (a minimum of four sessions a week).


Our Vision

Deacons Academy  Montessori is committed to providing an education and a healthy and safe environment for all children, staff and visitors.


Mission Statement

We at Deacon Academy Montessori believe that:

  • All Children have the right to the highest quality of care and education regardless of their race, gender, ethnic origin, religion or disability.
  • We ensure equality of access to the Nurseries for all parents, carers, staff, children and visitors regardless of race, gender, ethnic origin, religion, disability or marital status.
  • We invest in all our staff to have an equal right to train and develop in order to bring the highest quality and standards to our childcare provision ensuring they meet the needs of the Nursery, the registration and the Department for Children (DOC) Act.
  • All parents have the right to be involved with the care and education of their child.
  • We offer a high quality of care and education service for children that emerges from a real partnership with parents, staff and other professionals which ensures we maintain established relationships and our consistency of care.
  • Our provision for the childcare and education of the children is carried out by staffing and resourcing levels in accordance with the individual needs of the children and these comply with the requirements laid out under the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • We stimulate all round development to ensure progression of skills.
  • We believe in quality and high standards and aim to work in partnership with other relevant agencies to meet the requirements set out.
  • We will follow and comply with all legal requirements of Ofsted Registration.
  • We will continue to work hard to be recognised as the best childcare provider in the area.

At Deacons Academy we aim to:

  • Provide an environment which is safe, secure and welcoming, where learning takes place through play;
  • To ensure that your child will get a balance of exercise, rest, fresh air and fresh food;
  • Provide a positive environment where children can explore and experiment;
  • Provide an environment where equal opportunities for all takes place regardless of gender, race, culture or religion;
  • Promote understanding, kindness and tolerance of others;
  • Provide a varied and enjoyable curriculum that focuses on the importance of nurturing your child's motivation to learn;
  • Be dynamic and flexible, changing in response to children's prevailing concerns;
  • To link indoors and outdoors and the wider world of people, places and events;
  • Prepare your child for school with confidence and a positive approach to learning.



We know that when you entrust your child to our care, it is our duty to look after them as well as you would. We've taken every


measure to ensure your child's safety during the time at nursery.

We ask for file photos of any person wishing to be permitted to collect a child, and photo identification will be requested before a child can be signed out of the nursery.These days everyone is acutely aware of the dangers posed by strangers, so we have CCTV cameras monitoring the exterior of the building, and through the use of an electronic access system no unauthorised access to the building is possible.

Inside the nursery, we eliminate the risk of accidents through a huge number of safety measures, some obvious, some less so. Children are also closely supervised at all times to make sure they are kept safe.

Any accidents that do occur are recorded and reported to parents promptly.

In the baby rooms we maintain extremely high adult to child ratios, up to one-to-one care for the youngest children. Sleeping babies are checked at least every 10 minutes, and their environment is monitored for maximum comfort.


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